Welcome to Uxbridge Community Television

CHANNEL UPDATE: Due to Charter Communication’s transition to digital service, Uxbridge Community Television’s channel numbers have changed.

Government programming has moved from Channel 11 to Channel 191

General programming has moved from Channel 12 to Channel 192

Education programming has moved from Channel 13 to Channel 194

See more information here – http://bit.ly/UCTVChannelChange

Government Channel Live Stream

Education Channel Live Stream

Welcome to Uxbridge Community Televison’s new website! Local Access Television is television by and for the community, an electronic extension of the First Amendment. It provides the opportunity for residents to entertain, inform, and educate others in the community

If you would like to get involved in volunteering or have an idea for a new program, feel free to contact us.  Workshops are available to train you on our equipment so you may utilize the facility to produce programming.

Uxbridge Community Television is the only local Access Station dedicated to bring the cable subscribers of Uxbridge the best information, education and entertainment programming

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